Thursday, December 12, 2019

Restored links!

Almost seventy of 'em, based on your requests.  Enjoy!

Summer Suns - Greatest
Catherine Wheel - four eps
Rich Kids - Burning Sounds
The Germs - GI rough mixes
Semantics - Powerbill
Howard and Tim's Paid Vacation - I Never Met a Girl...
The Love In - s/t ep
Teeze - s/t ep
Pipe - singles collection
Centro-matic - singles
Splitsville - Amateur Hour
Greenberry Woods - Shorty ep
Diesel Park West - Shakespeare Alabama demos
Ten Ten - Ordinary Thinking
Not Shakespeare - Edge of the World
Chainsaw Kittens - High in High School ep & Mother 7"
The Flies - Alternatoid
Figgs - singles
Muler - singles
Pluto - singles
Wool - singles
Bum - singles
Jolt - Proof of Total Collapse tape & singles
Luxury - EP #1
Bangtails - Hypnotic Downpour ep
New Flamingos - In the Pink ep
Instructions - s/t LP
Christmas - In Excelsior Dayglo
Tiny Lights - Know It You Love
Four Color Manual - Guardian For a Year
Blank Schatz - The Grand Prize
Jo Broadbery & the Standouts - The House of Love
V/A - Here Comes the Summer - Undertones tribute
V/A - The Patio Collection
V/A - Super Mixer
V/A - More of Our Stupid Noise '98
V/A - Cinnamon Toast: Trim Crusts if Desired
V/A - Self Mutilation
V/A - Half Assed ep
V/A - Vehicle ep
New Musik - Straight Lines ep
Propaganda - Calling on Moscow ep
Green on Red - Rev. Luther 12" 
The Restless - s/t LP
Pink Noise Test - Electric Train ep & single
Superscope - Generally Electric ep
Grady Sisters - 7" ep
Dish - Mabel Sagittarius ep & single
Harvey Street - What About George? ep
The Harlows - 1995 tape & 1996 tape
Mrs. Svenson - 1995 demo
Five Ticket Ride - demo
Bluebird - The Two
aMINIATURE/Drip Tank - split singles
Second Childhood - Figure Skating
Revellaires - Pop of Ages
Carmine - Carpe Patio Flounder
Vim - 7" ep
Bright - Plymouth Rock 7"
Gone Daddy Finch - Sunshine Sister 7" 
Gardener - Intermission 7"
Zoinks!/Narcissistic Freds - split 7"
Bomb Bassets - Please Don't Die 7" ep
Girlpope - Teenage Jesus 7"
Smackmelon - Space Shot 7"
Forty - Lightswitch 7"
Revelers - This Little Light of Mine 7"
Sweetcream USA - 7"
Shelf Life - 7"
Lemons - Keep Diggin' 7" 


Jim H. said...

thanks for the mighty Rich Kids again!!!!!

Koyott said...

Many Many thanks for this releases !! Great post !!

binkerbo said...

Thank you for these. I grabbed a couple. I don't know if there's a protocol for requesting specific re-ups or not, but I've been looking for some Teenline related LP/CDs. When I google the titles I always seem to end up here. Any re-ups of any of the following artists would be much appreciated.

White Animals
Velvet Elvis

Mike Michael said...

The link for Ten Ten - Ordinary Thinking is the same as the original post, so expired, not complaining, this site is super awesome, but if you could add Ten Ten back on a re-ups, that would be a delight.

Thanks for all this.