Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Flies - Alternatoid (1995, Too Many)

I've been on something of a punk rock tear this week, and I thought this would be an apropos follow-up to the Tantrum comp I unfurled the other night.  Not to be confused with the completely unrelated 1980's Flies, whose Homestead Records album was posted a few years back, these Flies took to orbit in the mid-90s in the vicinity of Spokane, WA.  With a score of dizzying, two minutes salvos, the Flies speedster thrust bore an unmistakable resemblance to contemporaries Scared of Chaka.  And as with the case of SoC, the Flies seemed to be taking a page from the Dickies as Alternatoid conveys a pronounced sardonic bent, albeit this trio isn't nearly as melodic.  Still pretty intoxicating nonetheless. 

01. Midnight Soldier
02. Paingiver
03. House Fire
04. Austrian
05. Dum Dum Fever
06. Pine River Park
07. Challenger
08. Queen's Parade
09. Apartment 302
10. Pussy
11. Tramps
12. Baby Jane
13. Green Flares
14. Sweet as Candy
15. He's Alive
16. Das Burns
17. Teabag
18. Let's Kill Kenneth
19. Hammer Throw
20. Mimi


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Nate said...

good detailed history of the band here