Sunday, January 28, 2024

I could probably learn a thing or two about how to become unglued.

From 2013. For fans of The Drums (the band), or for that matter The Smiths.

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Saturday, January 27, 2024

The Elementals - Selling Out Big Time (1988, Gardenhose)

I don't have much info to go on regarding this Canuck trio, whose 1988 platter may have been the only release to their name. While not revelatory it's still generally satisfying in that left-of-the-dial manner, occasionally a little too color-by-numbers for their own good.  Some tangential R.E.M.-isms, and even a few subtle folk-pop maneuvers are palpable, albeit The Elementals were hardly inclined to strive for anything esoteric or even artsy here. Would love to have heard what a hypothetical follow-up to Selling Out... might have amounted to, because as promising as this wax was The Elementals hadn't necessarily "arrived" yet, so to speak. 

01. Huh, You Got It
02. Out on a Llama
03. World in Pieces 
04. Find Me a Place
05. Won't You
06. Toys and Dolls
07. Hummana Hummana 
08. G-Sharp Sideways

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Mrs. America why did you do this to us?

A 1986 compilation that was a high school staple for me.

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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Just give that rhythm everything you got.

A recent reissue of a 1980 album that should have cast a wider net.

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The Verlaines - You're Still Too Obscure For Me

Howdy.  If it seems I've been cutting back on posts even more lately there's a reason for that. I'm dealing with some unexpected health issues and could be for some time to come. In addition to taking care of myself I'm going to try to get to digitizing some more vinyl and/or tapes later this week.  

For now I'm offering a fan-curated mix tape of sorts by one of Dunedin, New Zealand's finest, The Verlaines. Not an official release by any stretch of the imagination, this 17-song set focuses on deeper album tracks, b-sides, alternate versions, and even Graeme Downes solo material. If you're unfamiliar with the band, particularly early halcyon-era albums like Hallelujah - All The Way Home, this is an enlightening, if a bit haphazard spot to dive in. Enjoy.

01. Crisis After Crisis
02. You Cheat Yourself Of Everything That Moves (new version)
03. Angela 
04. It Was Raining
05. Makes No Difference
06. Take Good Care Of It
07. Only Dream Left
08. Jesus What a Jerk
09. The Funnest Thing
10. It Was
11. Gloom Junky
12. Some Fantasy
13. Cattle, Cars, And Chainsaws [Graeme Downes]
14. Sunday Kickaround [Graeme Downes]
15. It's Easier To Harden A Broken Heart (Than Mend It)
16. Paratai Drive
17. A Call From Decades Past

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

...and when your metal seeker shines I will avoid its hungry beam.

Welcome to Mystery Tuesday everyone. We've got a live one from '07.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

A considerable case of underblogging - the 2023 Best of the Blog mix.

It's summation time again - my annual wrap for the year that's just passed us by.  Behold, yet another sampler of the creme de la creme of what many of you have already made your acquaintance with in the past 365 days, but relax, for those of you who aren't up to speed or were merely holding out for a shortcut I've got you covered. I'd say a good 80% of the time the most immediate thing that greats you on any given day is one of my Mystery Monday banners.  I honestly need to rectify that, because as much fun as said weekly randomness, I know you're looking for unique posts with actual nomenclature and titles attached (what a concept, I know).  Slowly but surely, I think I'll get there, even if it means tweaking my personal schedule a tad.

Generally speaking, the first half of this year's compendium emphasizes the "pop" angle of things, but not entirely.  I tried to design the song-to-song transitions as smoothly as I could, albeit if anomalies arise that just comes with the territory (and since you're not playing his back on vinyl or 8-track you can always zap it to the next cut). I'm pressed for time to elaborate on any particular artist, but that's what the original write-ups are for, and if time allows later in the week I might even plug in links to the full record each song is derived from. Keeping with Best of the Blog tradition, I've included a handful of exclusive songs by artists I haven't covered previously, noted with an asterisk, the last one (track 24) being even more of a curveball than usual. Have at it, and naturally. a fruitful New Year. 

01. Durango 95 - Great Buildings
02. Laughing Stock - The Boy Who Never Sleeps
03. Waxing Poetics - Hermitage
04. Three Hour Tour - 'Til the Next Time
05. Upangybottoms - Christine
06. Life Without Principle - Find Yourself Inside
07. The Cradle - It's Too High
08. The Clergy - Pieces
09. Fear of Strangers - Shopping For a Dog
10. Agitpop - Straight Through To Nashville
11. Hunters & Collectors - Tow Truck
12. The Weeds - Replaced
13. The Acid Casualties - Point Me at the Sky
14. What is This? - Days of Reflection
15. Nu Este - From This Side of the Window
16. Fictions - Fixation
17. Accent - We Are Lost* 
18. Life in General - The Fog
19. Toby Redd - More Time
20. U.S. Mods - Jumping Off Niagara Falls
21. Moon - The Never Room
22. Invisible Pedestrian - Ordinary Taxpayer
23. To Heaven a Jet - Castles*
24. Company Of State - Dark*