Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Penguin Fury - s/t (1990, Atomic)

I really question my judgement when I decide to post a record, particularly a full length, with only one genuinely stimulating song on it.  Then again, my audience might see it quite differently, so that's what prompted me to share Penguin Fury.   I know not a thing about this group, save for their lineup which is a co-ed quartet, ostensibly from the New York City area.  The "stimulating" tune in question is the album opener, "And You Will Shine," a melodious, ringing power pop zinger of the highest echelon.  Penguin Fury is markedly inconsistent thereafter.  Maybe it's just me, but at the moment I'm hardly in the mood for jubilant, trumpet-driven rave-ups like "49 Steps" and "Stagecoach to Pluto."  Conversely, a pair of thoughtful ballads, "And I Want Her" and "Quiet Falls the Rain" are too nondescript for their own good.  But enough of my babbling.  Draw your own conclusions at your leisure.

01. And You Will Shine
02. 49 Steps
03. And I Want Her
04. Breakdown
05. Do the Clam
06. Sleeping in the Sand
07. I Will Also Rise
08. Stagecoach to Pluto
09. Quiet Falls the Rain


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