Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Rocking Shapes "Getting Through You" 7" (1984, Homewrecords)

Relatively linear, but satisfying indie guitar rock, presumably from Lafayette, LA.  Some really nice, ringing axe leads, courtesy of Tom Conover, on both of these roughewn nuggets that would have slotted in well with early Windbreakers and the Libertines (US).  Just the thing for all you left of(f) the dial types who pine for the golden age of college radio.  Perhaps more to follow from the Rocking Shapes... 

A. Getting Through You
B. Cracked Marbles


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From Lafayette,Louisiana. I saw these guys half a dozen times. This is Classic Power Pop. I remember Tom being onto the Who, The Jam, British Invasion, early Stones. i was really good friends with his brothers. Not Indy rock, that wasn't even invented yet.