Saturday, May 3, 2014

Blue Movie - Hearts in Clubs (1986, Good Foot)

First encountered Blue Movie by way of The View From Here compilation and really didn't give them a second thought until I found their debut (this album) in a really swell dollar bin a few weeks ago.  This San Francisco treat was a trio by all accounts, and had an ear for what was going on at the time without getting too subterranean.  You might hear strains of period R.E.M. on "Trouble in the Yard" and "Reading D.C."  "Mary and Riley" follows the band's bluegrass muse, while a notably more measured guitar-pop motif occupies "Quiet Conversations" and "Single Earring," foreshadowing what Toad the Wet Sprocket and Gin Blossoms would deliver to the masses in a few years time.  Hearts in Clubs peaks at the start of side two, with the jangly and propulsive title cut.  Good record, so just download it already.  Eat your peas.

01. When Colors Run
02. Reading D.C.
03. Mary and Riley
04. Quite Conversations
05. Johnny and I
06. Hearts in Clubs
07. Single Earring
08. Trouble in the Yard
09. Kathleen
10. Slum Goddess


Unknown said...

Good morning! Firstly, if there is a more appropriate place / way to contact you about a request, can you please inform me on how to do that? Second, I was hoping you might be able to share a copy of the album 'Wish List' (and any others you might possess) by The Falling Joys. Really good stuff, and it seems right up your alley. Thanks!

spavid said...

I don't think I have that one, but I do have the second, Psychohum. Both of these are on iTunes and Amazon, so I'm not at liberty to share them. I might have a Falling Joys cd single that I can post at some point. Thanks for the request.

Unknown said...

actually, it's funny…I Hate The 90s just posted this a day after I asked you for it! Strange…!

Mark Gunnion said...

My best friends on the scene.

joel dantas said...


I missed this post, any chance for a re-up, I'll be very grateful.


popheaven said...

Can you please reupload this?