Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Singles Going Single #126 - Forty - Lightswitch 7" (1995, Big Top)

Ok, here's more arcane, six-string-shredding indie rawk for your (hopefully) appreciative eardrums. Truthfully I am unaware of Forty's locale, but given this single is on Big Top Records, the Boston, MA area might be a safe bet. And wouldn't you know, the moment this trio busts out of the starting gate, they let out a walloping axe squall via the leadoff "Shrug," quite reminiscent of one J. Mascis. Forty up the ante with some rather savage heaviness throughout their Lightswitch 45, falling a notch or two shy of their Seattle contemporaries. The "hooks" are coaxed out in strenuous fashion...but at least they're conveyed in some capacity, and in my book that's what counts.

A1. Shrug
A2. Sonora Webster
B. Cun't, Can't and a Happy Home