Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Square Root of Now - Bent Around Corners (1987, Parallax)

I was thoroughly intrigued by this albums spiffy jacket, so last year, when I stumbled upon Bent Around Corners by The Square Root of Now I took a gamble, and fortunately it panned out. A trio based out of Jackson, Mississippi with definite wave and new romantic tendencies, Square Root recall a cornucopia of period bands, most notably the Three O’Clock, Glass Moon, early Tears For Fears, and Talk Talk among others. Abstract titles like “If Motif; Why Wagon,” and “Tundra Stuff,” belie relatively plush production. Web-wise, there’s very little background info available on the Square Root, but frontman Dan DeWeese has passed on, and a Facebook page has been set up in his honor. Oddly enough, you can find the album lyrics there as well.

01. Between the Light
02. Compile Your Love
03. If Motif; Why Wagon
04. Lunge Into Serious
05. Ceramic Angels
06. After the Rain
07. Tundra Stuff
08. Honndakanaya
09. Silly Spender
10. Count Me In
11. Bent Around Corners

Link has been removed.


Unknown said...

Fritz Martin, who wrote most of the music and some of the lyrics, is back in Jackson Ms. Dan and Fritz were writing partners and great friends. This fascinating album was the result of their very different creative styles.

Anonymous said...

So on the 15th of this month, my dad, Dan DeWeese died 16 years ago.

spavid said...

Hi Harrison. Thanks for commenting, and sorry for your loss. I hope you had the opportunity to get to know him. I wasn't familiar with his music until many years after he passed away. I have been corresponding with one of his old band mates Chris Hall.

I dedicated an updated and expanded entry to the SRoN album last year, which you can view here:

Anonymous said...

GI wish I had the chance to know him. He died few weeks before I was born. My mom has been the mom & dad. She had me listening to his music since I was a baby. That's cool you have gotten to know Chris. I know my dad would have liked you. My mom says my dad was the coolest. I think my mom is the coolest but if she says he was, I know it to be the truth.