Saturday, May 22, 2010

30 Amp Fuse - Saturday Night At The Atomic Speedway (1997, Dedicated)

Thought this would be appropriate in following up my Punch Wagon post from yesterday. I name-dropped a chap by the name of Mike Smithers, who played bass in that short lived John Davis fronted trio. From what I can tell, he never migrated to any of the various Superdrag lineups, but he did go onto 30 Amp Fuse, a rather vigorous, rip-roaring punk-pop crew who released three albums during the late '90s, Saturday Night... being the first. If you're familiar with some of Superdrag's faster numbers (e.g. "Slow to Anger," the gale force opening salvo from Industry Giants) that should give you a rough idea of what 30 Amp has in store. Additionally, this disk was produced by none other than Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton of Descendents/All acclaim, so that should provide you with yet another hint. Killer stuff.

Incidentally, John Davis is briefly reunited with his aforementioned Punch Wagon alum, Mike Smithers on track 4, "I Fall Down." And speaking of reunions, 30 Amp Fuse are gearing up to come out of retirement and play a show on July 9 at Barley's Taproom in Knoxville, TN, with Davis in tow.
01. Punk Virtuoso
02. Love is a Catch 22
03. Stereogram
04. I Fall Down
05. Sleeping With the Enemy
06. Whatever It Was
07. All Day Afternoon
08. Tilt-a-Whirl
09. For You
10. Perfect Hindsight
11. Blastin' Room
12. Over the Hill
13. Truth Hits Hard
14. Down Down
15. Sound on Sound
16. Sound on Sound (reprise)


Mark H said...

i still have this on my shelf. i liked "Tilt A Whirl," and other times when the band was at their punkiest.

Eiseley said...

I remember listening to this album as a kid when the internet when streaming music was like, what the fuck is that?

Loved it thanks for uploading. Wish I'd seen these guys. Maybe i'll have to head down to their town and catch a gig.