Saturday, May 29, 2010

Singles Going Single #127 - The Edsel Auctioneer 7" (1992, Decoy)

The Edsel Auctioneer were one of a zillion bands that made a not-so-hot first impression on me during the '90s, but having the pure dumb luck of finding their records and cds in many a bargain bin, I was apt to give them another spin. Wouldn't you know it, after some fifteen years, this Leeds, UK four-piece have redeemed themselves with no conscious effort on their part. Brandishing a fashionably noisy streak, Edsel Auctioneer glaze these two tracks in a gently downcast veneer, hinting every so slightly of Dinosaur Jr, but even more so could pass for a slower, more somber Superchunk or Squirrel Bait. "Slough" also appears on their Simmer album, which I may upload in full at another time. If you want to catch up on the group's backstory and peruse a exhaustive discography, go no further than Old Fart at Play blog (scroll about three quarters of the way down).

A. Slouch
B. Egg Neck

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