Saturday, May 15, 2010

Various - The Patio Collection (199?, Smilex)

Recently had a request for this rather oddball compilation from the mid-90s, showcasing a bevy of up-and-crumbling California indie bands. If I recall, I'm pretty confident it was Sugarplastic's contribution to The Patio Collection, "Ways to Save Face," that suckered me in. BTW, that song also appeared on the 'plastics debut Radio Jejune, and to this pair of ears it sounds like the identical version. I've gone on at length about them before on these pages, so I suppose I need not do that again. Truth be told, the latter portion of this comp unravels in a pretty big way, but not before offering a few saving graces from Tanner's angular aggro-punk, Culty Smothers' fleeting, Sentridoh-esque acoustic goodness, Half-Sister's boisterous indie-rawk and the slacker leanings of Hugh. There are a couple of more relatively known quantities chilling out on the Patio, namely A Minor Forest and 3-Mile Pilot, but a myriad of no-names rule dominate here. Smilex, the label that gave rise to this collection has a Myspace page, with info on the sequel to this comp, Patio Collection Vol. 2.

01. Rrope - West Tone Song
02. Culty SmothersOh
03. Sugarplastic - Ways to Save Face
04. SevenFortySevenEarth
05. JackassTibet
06. Fleabag - Up & Down
07. Hugh - Church of José
08. Tanner - Slightly Calculated
09. The Polar Goldiecats - Minuet in Squirt
10. A Minor Forest - 3 Long Piles
11. Half SisterSplitzville
12. 3-Mile Pilot - The Piano Titanic
13. Don Knotts Overdrive - Electric Treechrome Disco Girl
14. Mars Bonfire - Serpent Coil
15. The SplatzGary
16. MindcandyHead
17. Clancy Pearson4:09
18. Foil - Drowned Out


missVee said...

If you ever need any other smilex stuff lemme know, i helped the label out and have access to back catalogs...thanks for remembering an awesome truly obscure 90's indie gem.

scout. said...

A friend of mine was in HUGH, so if I had to hazard a guess, I'd date this comp somewhere around 1992.

Rebecca? That sound right?

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I was in one of the bands on this comp and have been curious about it forever and would love to get my hands on a copy! Or a copy of a copy of a copy of a..... :P

Anonymous said...

And I'd date it 1994 with a fair amount or certainty!

riot said...

Definitely '94. It was the year I graduated High School and Moved to Monterey. I was able to see Rrope at The World Stage there and Half Sister many times until the venue got closed down. They sold this CD at the Rrope show.

The last I saw of Half Sister they changed their lineup around and were calling themselves Dura Delinquent. They released a really good album that I bought, then lost, unfortunately. I think they later moved to Britain, and I've never seen them since.

Rebecca, do you know if Half Sister had an album, by chance? Also, fleabag is amazing and I've never been able to find more of their stuff besides another song on a KRS release. If anyone knows even who they are (i'm clueless) please let me know.

Stathis said...

Happy New Year

Please, repost this compilatin

Best rgards

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Unknown said...

Hey could you upload Volume 2 of the Patio Collection? I've been looking for that one for a considerable time

quincy said...

Any chance for a re-up on this? Thanks!

Koyott said...

Reup please ! If possible. Many Thanks !!