Monday, May 10, 2010

Singles Going Single #124 - Piedmont Charisma 7" (2001)

On "Red, Black, Khaki," Asheville, NC's now departed Piedmont Charisma demonstrate their skillful fusion of clangy, rhythmic post-punk, a la Talking Heads and Gang of Four with an updated, 21st century aplomb that really shines through. Love the crisp, prominent percussion on this one. On the the other side of the fence we have the Wire-y "Carheartt Cologne" and a quick, art-damaged slice o' psychosis called "Family Emergency." A sweet picture sleeve doesn't hurt either. Piedmont committed more material to tape than this single, which you can read more about on their Myspace destination.

A. Red, Black, Khaki
B1. Carheartt Cologne
B2. Family Emergency



joseph kyle said...

great single! it is very reminiscent of the era....remember all those bands like The Rapture, Milemarker, and Franklin? Great, great stuff...

joseph kyle said...

hey, if you have any of those wonderful Franklin singles (band from Philly), would you post 'em, pretty please?

Knochenfabrikant said...

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Greetz SIN

spavid said...

No go on the Franklin, sorry. And yes Knochenfabrikant &amp, I'll be your friend...for now.

zzeitg said...

hi, could you kindly reupload "Islington Porn Tapes" by The Dambuilders? Thx in advance!!!