Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Singles Going Single #122 - Kid With Man Head - Awful, Terrible, Horrible Head 7" (1995, Black Pumpkin)

Here's some more New Jersey goodness to follow up my Element 101 post from last night. If at all possible, try not to let the rather atrocious sleeve scare you off. Like Element, Kid With Man Head hardly had anything in common with home-state luminaries like Springsteen or Bon Jovi. These rather gnarly popcore punks were more likely groomed on such small of fame acts like Big Drill Car, Descendents and perhaps even the Porcelain Boys. In addition to this very solid 45, I'm also sharing a link to their 1991 demo, featuring one of my all time favorite "surf" songs "Blue Groove." That mighty ditty was rerecorded for KWMH's 1997 longplayer, Flapjack Hairpiece, which you can ostensibly still purchase from the label that issued it, Onefoot Records. BTW, does anyone know if the Mr. Potatoe Head Chainsaw Massacre disk is still available?

A. Don't Like You
B. Sand in My Hair

1991 demo
01. Blue Groove
02. untitled
03. Look to the Sky
04. Sucks to Wait

Get both here:


subrec said...

Great post!

Blue Groove from this demo appeared on the Piledriver EP, a 7" compilation I put out many years ago. This record marked the first release for KWMN & Sinkhole, and also featured The Oxymorons & FAQ.

If you'd like to post it, let me know and I'll get you the MP3 rips.

Unknown said...

there is or at least was a handful of potatoe heads floating around...and i mean that literally, our basement had a flood and unfortunately, they all drowned. so there might be some moldy discs crusting away in the old basement, i'd be happy to send you one of those or a much more sanitary mp3 version of the record. thanks for continuing to listen after all these years.
Gay Elvis-

fineexampl said...

holy flashback! first heard of KWMH on the old 106.3 WHTG in Jersey in ye oldern daze of the 90s when "Sand In My Hair" was played pretty often and i saw them open for someone, like at the Stone Pony. Best memory, however, is KWMH at the Asbury Music Awards coming out in Judas Priest inspired leather outfits and the singer riding a motorcycle into the Stone Pony to do the first song.

Mr. Potato Head Chainsaw Massacre is classic 90s NJ indie pick-a-genre. I still have my copy for sure. :)

Stathis said...


can you please repost this 7''?

Thank you very much

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

audiogirl said...

I have this on a cruddy cassette, can you reupload? I know this post is mad old but can you before I wear this damn thing out for good? Please and thanks!

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Marc L. said...

Can this be updated?

spavid said...

This has once again been re-upped.

audiogirl said...

You are the best! I was going to ask...again (lost the file)! Thanks!

Marc L. said...


Anonymous said...

Reup when you can please?