Thursday, August 2, 2018

Grady Sisters 7" ep (1993, Gometric)

I'm not exactly sure how the all male (in fact) the Grady Sisters made it onto my auditory field (quite recently in fact - a compilation perhaps?) but better late than never.  A little disonance and just a smidge of dynamics seemed to go a long way for this Petaluma, CA-area collective.  Occasionally Pavement-like, albeit not as cryptic.  Sorta rattling about in the same tin can as the Poster Children too, but a little deficient in the warm and fuzzy department.   Things peak on "s.w. log" which rips it's resplendent array of jumpy chords straight from the Wedding Present circa 1990 - right before diving into a jarring crush of blaring fuzz and static.  A beaut.

01. boss
02. self-government
03. deville
04. s.w. log


Whimpers and Bangs said...

This is great. As a 90's-o'phile, i'm surprised i've never heard these guys (or "sisters", as it were) before. Definitely got that early 90's college radio vibe i grew up with. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

please reup! Link is dead. Thanks !