Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Leonards - s/t (1988, Rock Ranch)

Here's one of the more straight-up rock and roll records I've offered in awhile.  The Leonards were a riff-pop powerhouse from L.A. who issued a spate of typically overlooked gems in the late '80s right up through the mid-90s.  You might detect shades of the Plimsouls and perhaps less so Dramarama, but I took these guys to be a bit more minimal than that.  Furthermore, if you're an aficionado of the Junk Monkeys and early Figgs the Leonards are about to roll right into your wheelhouse.  Enjoy.

01. She Said Goodbye
02. Questioning Days
03. Only the Skies are Blue
04. Out of My Mind
05. Don't Give Up
06. Consider It
07. Two Pillows


billybadbum said...

You had me at "Junk Monkeys"!

Philippe Thivillier said...

Thanks for sharing this power-pop obscurity.