Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sometimes Seven - Static From the Blender (1998, Kid Cadmium)

Though not as appealing as their more effective later albums (like 2000's Somehow You Just Don't Get It) I thought it wouldn't hurt to throw this one out there for historical perspective, especially since it's utterly impossible to find.  This indie rock to-the-core foursome seemed to be skewing in the vicinity of some of their contemporaries including, but certainly not limited to, J Church, Small 23 and even the almighty Archers of Loaf.  There's occasional glints of promise on "Call in Blue" and "Slowing Down," but Static... illustrated Sometimes Seven had miles to venture before really honing their craft.

01. Blurry
02. Slowing Down
03. Brighter Clean
04. Drama Mean
05. Zero Royal
06. Sister Destiny
07. Watching an Air Raid
08. Call in Blue
09. Blacktop
10. Real Change
11. Breaking Strings
12. Ex-Hall of Famer

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Phil Avalos said...

👍 you need anything else S7 let me know also other projects Phil Avalos & The Quiet Lanes, Dead Radio Social & 78 Camaro!