Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sorry - Imaginary Friend (1984, radiobeat)

Remember when I took to task Sorry's '86 platter The Way it Is and blabbed something about their earlier "rough and tumble" hardcore years?  Well, you're about to hear what Sorry's nascent era was all about it, by way of Imaginary Friend.  In the form of eighteen cuts to be exact, many of which clock in at under ninety seconds, but if you're expecting fearsome, symmetrical slammers all cut from the same cloth think again.  Boston born and bred, this quartet weren't really along the lines of their hometown's more renown SS Decontrol or Gang Green.  Even back in '84, Sorry were picking up on the vibes of relative newcomers Mission of Burma, Volcano Suns, and early Husker Du - albeit not as effective, and definitely not as consistent.  They had a penchant for sloppiness and spouted an array of dissonant affectations that were a hell of lot more chaotic than calculated.  Most of IF's more notable moments reside on side one, entailing "Misanthrope," "One More Step," and "Doomed From the Start," the latter of which features none other than Burma's very own Roger Miller on keyboards, of all things.

01. My Word
02. Misanthrope
03. Doomed From the Start
04. Where Were You?
05. Why Do I Have to Look at You?
06. One More Step
07. Don't Assume
08. Bouncer
09. Imaginary Friend
10. Listen
11. No Concern
12. Unhealthy
13. On My Own
14. Buried
15. Mundane
16. Dirty Old Man
17. Honesty
18. 24

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