Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sorry - The Way It Is (1986, Homestead)

Boston's Sorry kicked off their tenure in the early '80s as a rough and tumble hardcore band, but by the time they got around to 1986's The Way It Is, they opted for a decidedly slower pace...and a much more angular attack, a la hometown heroes Mission of Burma and The Volcano Suns. Sonically, Sorry were veritable disciples of those two bands, and ironically enough, bassist Chuck Hahn would later join the Sons. Not a huge "pop" bent here, though "Just Making Noise" is a sweet break from the album's prevailing coarser hue. I particularly enjoy the first song on side two, "Deny," which boasts a slight Husker Du-ish panache. A few tracks later, the band pays tribute to Wire via their rendition of "Ex-Lion Tamer." A live Link Ray cover closes things out (why I have no idea). Lead vocalist Jon Easley passed away in 1998. A full bio on Sorry is available on their Myspace page linked above.

BTW, this joint was produced by the ineffable Lou Giordano. Enjoy.

01. Satellite
02. Mystery
03. Anything
04. Just Making Noise
05. Read This
06. Not Today
07. That's Fine With Me
08. Stop
09. Deny
10. Rise and Fall
11. Far
12. The Way It Is
13. Ex-Lion Tamer
14. In the End
15. 24
16. Rumble (live)


Woody said...

Wow!!! Great record. Thank you very much.

Average White Dad said...

Guitarist David Kleiler also joined the Suns.

Al said...

underrated as hell and a great live band... sadly, Jon Easley passed away in the late 90s

Daggerboy said...

Love this record!

Landlubber66 said...

Another band that got away.

Landlubber66 said...

Another band that got away.

spavid said...

The link has been updated.