Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cod Lovers - French Plums (1990, Ceilidh)

More long lost Swedish indie pop. I wasn't hip to Cod Lovers when this came out some twenty years ago, but listening to it today I wish I had been. There's nothing particularly seismic about French Plums, just loud, jangly rock sung in English with a discernible Scandinavian accent. Solid tunes, and quite the propulsive rhythm section too. Here's a portion of their bio, courtesy of Myspace:

The band formed in late –88 in Norrköping, a seaport city of Sweden, following a Christmas party gig at the Rockslottet, the leading local rock club at that time. The response was so overwhelming that the lads decided to go on with it. After a few more explosive gigs they soon gained the interest of their friend Ola Hermanson and his record label Ceilidh Productions. The single Best Friend was released, media coverage was soaring and the band played the Hultsfred festival in 1990. In the winter of that year, the album French Plums came out.

Cod Lovers parted ways in the mid-90s, but reunited for two gigs the next decade. There may be new music to come, plus a re-release of French Plums on iTunes, but until then you can listen to it here.

01. Mary Gogo Round
02. Pretty Things
03. She's So Sad
04. Close to You
05. Bye Bye Pain
06. Best Friend
07. French Plums
08. Kill the Time
09. Yellow Pills
10. Love Across the Ocean
11. Shatter the Harmony


Anonymous said...

This is actually really cool! Thanks!!

jonder said...

Speaking of Swedes, do you have any Eggstone (besides "Somersault")?

Sunao090 said...

please reupload it

spavid said...

The link has been updated.