Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Nevermen - Monitor (1988, self released)

Thanks to the used vinyl bins at Record Theatre in Buffalo, I've been on a lucky streak as far as finding totally obscure, vintage titles like this one by the Ontario based Nevermen. This quartet recalls austere, but tuneful eighties post-punk acts like the Comsat Angels, Lucy Show, and to a lesser extent the Chameleons. Furthermore, the guitars drip with the same sweet, clangy vibe the Northern Pikes were wont to offer on their earliest releases. For all I know The Nevermen may very well have been ignorant of some, or even most of the aforementioned, nevertheless they produce some real beauts on Monitor, like "Across the Room" and "Living in the Past" (the latter thankfully not the Jethro Tull classic schlock staple). Things peter out a bit on side two, and I couldn't exactly blame you for leveling the notion that Monitor is eons from groundbreaking, but overall I still find it pretty blissful.

01. Real Life
02. Across the Room
03. The Wa;tz
04. Waiting for the Rain
05. Living in the Past
06. She's Got Me
07. Burning
08. Cacophony and Dance (Silver Crown Cement Mix)


Dave C said...

I'm going to try this one out only because I used to buy a ton of stuff at the original Record Theatre. That was an awesome store with the handprints of singers in the sidewalk out front and huge, ugly album cover murals on the building. I'm a little shocked they're still in business, wherever they are, because I know the original store closed down a long time ago, but I'm glad they are.

pressvre said...

re up,please

daveO said...

Ooh, any chance of a re-up? Been trying to track this one down for YEARs

Unknown said...

reupload pls