Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Feelies (aka Foggy Notion) play the Velvet Underground, 5/14/83, Hoboken, NJ

I suppose this one is pretty straightforward. From day one, the Feelies had pronounced aesthetic antecedents with the Velvets, making this covers set a logical and delightful pairing. Staying faithful to the original VU arrangements (to a fault at times) this is quite literally the closest the youngsters in attendance at this Maxwells show would ever come to witnessing the legendary band in question. Even bassist Brenda Sauter accurately evokes Nico's tone-deaf vocal signature. The Feelies also throw a solo Lou Reed cut into the setlist, "Kill Your Sons." This is an audience tape (not mine), but a crisp recording capturing all the warmth and reverb the Feelies dutifully conveyed on this rare occasion. Gold.

01. I'm Waiting For The Man
02. White Light/White Heat
03. Here She Comes Now
04. There She Goes Again
05. Run Run Run
06. I'll Be Your Mirror
07. Cool It Down
08. All Tomorrow's Parties
09. What Goes On
10. Kill Your Sons
11. Sister Ray
12. Foggy Notion



Daniel said...

I think that what you have here is not the Feelies, but a sort of offshoot band called Foggy Notion. That's not Glenn Mercer on vocals.

Tim Sherry (of Phosphenes) - lead vocal, casio keyboard
Michael Carlucci (of Ward 8) - lead guitar, vocals
Steve Lapore (of Grey District, also of Hoboken Lapore Chocolate fame) - rhythm guitar
Rob Norris (of Bongos) - bass, vocals
Stan Demeski (of Phosphenes, Ward 8, Artificial Intelligence, The Feelies, Trypes, Willies) - drums

Janet Tensen (Rob Norris' girlfriend) - lead vocal on I'll Be Your Mirror
Toni Paruta (of The Trypes) - lead vocal on All Tomorrow's Parties
Glenn Mercer (of The Feelies) - guitar on Sister Ray, and maybe Foggy Notion

spavid said...

Thanks for commenting Daniel. First off, you're probably much more well versed on the Feelies than I am. Secondly, I downloaded this show on a torrent about two or three years ago. There was a brief info file accompanying the music, but it didn't contain any info suggesting this was anyone but the Feelies themselves, nor was any band lineup offered.

I don't believe I've heard of either the Phosphenes or Ward 8. NJ bands I take it? If I receive any further clarification on this show I'll post an update here.

Monty49 said...

Daniel is correct. This is Foggy Notion at a benefit for WFMU.

Ben Hirsch said...

Excellent, I've been looking for this for a long, long time! I know it was posted as a torrent a few years ago, but I somehow missed it.
Mike Carlucci was also the guitarist in Winter Hours and owner of Subterranean Records for a number of years.

W said...
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Unknown said...

Please please reupload this one. THANKS!!!!!