Thursday, January 14, 2010

Poole - Supermerica ep & Loon ep (1994/95, spinART)

To get some idea of what Poole sounds like, first listen to a couple of those old Dion albums your mother has stashed away in the attic. Add a little of Husker Du's guitar grinding melodicism, and add a dash of vocal harmony stolen straight from the Beatles, and you might get the general idea. - The Georgetown Voice.

Since I could hardly put it better myself, I let someone else do the talking, if only for a couple of sentences. The Buke, VA based Poole were one of my favorite suburban D.C. guitar pop bands of the '90s, recording three full lengths for one of the preeminent indie labels at the time, spinART records. Despite the blue background and snowflakes that adorned the jacket of their debut album, 1995's Alaska Days, Poole couldn't have introduced themselves with a more buoyant and sunnier entrance. I should also note that the quartet was a superb fit for the spinART roster, considering another loud, jangly pop band, Lotion were fitting labelmates. Though I like to think that Poole's third and final album, Among Who We Shine might be their finest hour, Alaska Days is typically the fan favorite. Most listeners however are likely unaware of two short-run promotional ep's sent to radio and print media outlets to promote Alaska, which included rare compilation tracks, an interview, and whatnot. I've included both of them, Supermerica and Loon, in their entirety with source info for each song. For a more detailed bio, check out Poole MySpace page linked above, as well as a thorough 1999 article originally published in Tidal Wave magazine.

Supermerica ep (1994)
01. Supermerica (LP version)
02. Smiley Mr. Lion (from Wyatt’s Torch compilation)
03. In My Ears (from Pop Licks 7” compilation box)

Loon ep (1995)
01. Loon (LP version)
02. Can’t Go Back (from Homage Descendents tribute comp)
03. interview (conducted by David Daley of
Alternative Press)
04. Car (live 9/25/95 for WHFS Dave’s Garage show)


pushrod said...

Sweet...never knew the Loon ep existed! All their cd's have major hooks and are quite excellent.

Brushback said...

Cool stuff, this is a good band.

MKV said...

Good post, lovely melodic indie rock.
any chance of a 27 Various post, Ackerson's previous band. been wanting to hear the albums Up!(live) or the last one titled Fine which I've heard only samples of. Can't wait to hear this when rapidshare frees up sometime in the evening.

spavid said...

I have some music by 27 Various, but I'm only at liberty to share the titles that aren't on Twin/Tone, which unfortunately is. most of them. I'll see what I can do.

Solcofn said...

My best friend grew up with Jeff Booth (the lead singer) of Poole.

Ovaltine is such a great song!

evr said...

I remember seeing you rocking out when they played the Pier!

spavid said...

That's right, rocking out in the blinding sun. Could've slapped myself for not taking a pair of sunglasses with me.

donaldosborn said...

I was searching for any information about Jeff or the Evans boys and what they might be up to today, and found this. (I'd love to get that download you posted but I think the link is down. Any chance of a re post?)

Does anyone know if any of these folks are in other bands I might check out? I loved me some Poole and have been listening to my 1996 and 1997 cassette bootlegs I have of them recently.

lucky said...

I would love to see this re upped

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

lucky said...

thanks for the update

Pale Leaf said...

hope the link will be updated, need this for 2020 lockdown era :) also do you have their Alaska Days album?