Monday, January 4, 2010

Green On Red - "Rev. Luther" promo 12" (1989, Polydor)

I don't think I've ever brought the topic of Green On Red up on Wilfully Obscure, save for maybe a comparison, save for maybe a passing comparison. For my money, only G on R's first two eps really moved me (those and perhaps their much lauded Gas, Food, Lodging album on occasion). Still, I sprang for this promo 12" ep when I ran into it at a local shop a few days ago. The feature cut, "Reverend Luther" is from their pretty pitiful (IMHO) This Time Around LP, a disk that reeked of far too much corny twang for any self respecting indie rocker. But wouldn't you know it, the flipside to this glorified single is worth the trip, namely for a pair of Neil Young and Crazy Horse-indebted live cuts "16 Ways" and "Hair of the Dog" (not the Nazareth song of the same name). Topping things off is the studio outtake, "Broken Radio," a plaintive, if not slightly sarcastic Americana ballad.

A. Reverend Luther
B1. Hair of the Dog (live)
B2. 16 Ways (live)
B3. Broken Radio


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