Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shepherds of Hot Pavement - s/t (1993, Bing)

This is one of those albums I've been saving for a rainy day, though ironically, we haven't had a drop of precipitation all weekend. Atlanta's Shepherds of Hot Pavement were yet another find I made at my college radio station some seventeen years ago. Not many places online have much to wax about this atmospheric indie trio, who fall squarely in the sonic realm of Springhouse and vintage Catherine Wheel. The seven songs situated here are awash in the perfect melange of curtailed feedback and clean, echoing fretboard-runs, topped off by TL Lange's graceful vocal aplomb. If you were enthusiastic about my previous features on Edsel, Rotator Cuff and Majesty Crush, the Shepherds will be of notable interest to you. If anyone can enlighten me anymore on these folks, don't be a stranger. Some bloody splendid stuff here. Hopefully there's more than this all too fleeting mini album floating around out there.

Some live footage of the band can be experienced via a facebook video stream. Also, it turns out that drummer Chandler Rentz plays in the more current, Snowden, who I would also highly recommend.

01. Gut
02. Bind
03. Rafter
04. Trapeze
05. Ish
06. Cairn
07. Wing



Mantra said...

I've seen them play in Athens GA, in the summer of 92 or 93. I'm French and it was my first trip to the US. I was very impressed to be in the country that was the source of so much music that I love. I liked the guitar sound of the singer, loads of delay on a beautiful Rickenbacker. I never forgot their extremely cool band name, searched the Internet to find any sound from them, and here it is. Thank you so much for putting it online. Not only does it give flesh (well sound, rather) to a pretty intense but vague memory, but also this is actually a very good album. I can't help but be amazed that so much music comes from America that so much gets simply lost, no matter how good it is. And this is excellent music.

Hingehead said...

Really nice. Funny how lesser stuff is so much better known. Sorry, not funny, sad.

Rick Stowe said...

I was in the band from 91-93. This is the only release with the exception of a few demos. T.L. passed away a few years back. Check out his art work by searching T.L. Lange on the web. Truly amazing stuff.Thanks to you and a few others the music is still alive.


Joe Price said...

It was a great band, randomly saw them at Darkhorse when ten hight was called Darkhorse. I loved the demo version of Gut I wish I could find the cassette.

Anton said...

can you please upload this album one more time? Thanks a lot!

Older is Better said...

Reupload please? thank you

D-Book said...

Someone posted the album on Soundcloud here:

Still a great album. Sorry to hear that TL isn't with us any longer, but I hope the other band members are still playing music - they were all amazing!