Monday, June 20, 2011

Luxury - EP #1 (1981, Angry Young)

This thirty year relic didn't come particularly cheap, but then again what would you expect for a long out of print record from a band that earned a coveted spot on the 2004 Yellow Pills: Prefill compilation?  The early '80 was an especially fertile period for power pop and Luxury, who operated out of the the relatively far flung environs of Iowa, weren't immune to the bug that had thankfully infiltrated so many music palettes of that era.  This quintet's spin on things wasn't quite as linear and showroom clean as say, the Rubinoos and Shoes.  Kerry Swan's wonky keyboard lines, and Luxury's overall embrace of speedy tempos slotted them that much further left of center than their more generously compensated contemporaries.  EP #1, (which as fate would have it proved to be their only extended playing disk) falls a notch or two shy of being a wall-to-wall goldmine, but it's most striking moments like "Bible School" and "Eyes of Love" make a case for Luxury being ahead of the curve of their crowded field of competitors.  The band's discography is rounded out by two preceding singles, one of which is archived here.

01. Did She Really Mean That
02. Eyes of Love
03. Tube Ballet
04. I Wasn't Ready For That
05. Bible School
06. Countdown


middlenight said...

Cheers for tracking this down, purchasing it and uploading it. I've been seeking this release out for a while and just found your post. Particularly enjoying "She Really Didn't Mean That" with its jaunty and interesting rhythm backing.

abrasive/beautiful said...

I just found a copy at the half price books here in des moines iowa and in doing some research i wound up here. Really great record. If you don't mind me asking you, how much did you have to pay for your copy?

zuiop said...

Would you please re-up?

spavid said...

Link has been updated.

zuiop said...

Thank you!!

Calvin said...

Can you update the link please? :)

Unknown said...

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