Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moviola - Frantic (1995, Anyway/Spirit of Orr)

Moviola have been a venerable indie staple in their native Columbus, OH since the early '90s, but have made few ripples elsewhere.  Frantic is one of their earlier efforts, originally seeing the light of day in 1995 on Anyway Records, and was reissued at the turn of the millenium on the Spirit of Orr label with four bonus cuts (five, if you count the unlisted fifteenth track).  The record runs the gamut from noisy lo-fi pop to contemplative, but often cranky, navel-gazing laments.  You'll find your fair share of chaffe to be separated from the wheat on Frantic, but it's an interesting crop to harvest, with standout offerings like "Color Copy," "Ice Fishing" and their rendition of "Walk," originally penned by one of Columbus' finest, Belreve, who I've previously dedicated much deserved space to on these pages.   

Since it appears that Frantic is still being sold through Spirit of Orr, along with several other Moviola releases, I'll be leaving this up for one week only!  If you like what you hear please patronize the band, who by the way are also sharing a few new songs on Bandcamp.

01. Out to Graze
02. Color Copy
03. Pipes & Fittings
04. Delusions
05. Sensuous
06. Thank You Matches
07. Ear to the Wall
08. All By Myself
09. Bank Machine
10. Frantic
11. Rodeo
12. Walk
13. Drinking Wine
14. Ice Fishing
15. unlisted

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piratecyan said...

Greetings, I discovered some cool bands lately on your blog so thought I'd give you a link to an Aussie band from the 80s that you might find interestings. Do yourself a favour.......

Your site and Twighlightzone are my favs for discovering bands and I hadn't heard of before

spavid said...

Thanks! Will have to check this group out.