Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Posies - Broadcasts, Vol. 7

We've come to the end of the road folks.  I mentioned from the get go that since the recordings from the Posies Broadcasts series were derived from radio sessions and concerts circa the Frosting on the Beater and Amazing Disgrace albums that things were bound to get redundant.  Although I was true to my word, these songs boast an inherent beauty, power, and charm that have stood the test of time (that is if you count fifteen years or so as much of a test).  Vol. 7 is one of the better of these rather voluptuous compendiums, culled from two performances, the first being from an ace acoustic session with Jon and Ken at 99X FM studio in Atlanta.  In addition to playing the "standards" from the aforementioned platters, the boys reach all the way back to their '80s roots and play "Like Me Too" from Failure, not to mention my favorite Dear 23 number, "Everyone Moves Away."

The second half of Vol. 7 is comprised of the band's 1996 Reading Festival gig, which is quite likely the biggest audience they've played to before or since.  A faithful rendering of Cheap Trick's "Surrender" seals the deal .  A very big and special thanks to K.M. (you know who you are) for painstakingly assembling each and every volume of the Broadcasts series.  I've merely been offering these to world at large in a neat and tidy compressed audio format.

99X FM, Atlanta 5/5/96

1. Throwaway
2. Please Return It
3. Going Going Gone
4. Golden Blunders
5. Solar Sister
6. Like Me Too
7. Flavor of the Month
8. Ontario
9. Everyone Moves Away

Reading Festival, August 1996

10. Daily Mutilation
11. Ontario
12. Dream All Day
13. Everybody Is a Fucking Liar
14. Flavor of the Month
15. Grant Hart
16. Solar Sister
17. Definite Door
18. Surrender


D'artagnan said...

Rapidshare won't allow free download anymore

spavid said...

Wasn't aware of this. All of a sudden? Will look into this later today.

joseph kyle said...

i love the gnome shirt!

spavid said...

The Gnome shirt is balls out indeed. Very good taste.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible you can re-up all of these Posies "Broadcasts" volumes? I had them all until my harddrive blew up and now Im trying to replace them. My favorite band of all time, and its not even close.