Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chopper - s/t (1991, Zero Hour/1996, Big Deal)

Well, I'm short on time, so this will have to be a quick write-up.  I desperately need to digitize more vintage wax, but in the meantime here's the debut album from Connecticut's Chopper a band I introduced (or reintroduced) you to a few weeks ago via their 4Play ep.  From what I can tell that ep is reprised in it's entirety on Chopper, and furthermore, the label that originally minted the album (Zero Hour) is set to reissue a bonus-ized incarnation of it very soon, so I'm only going to be sharing this for a couple of weeks.  Chopper featured Steven Deal, formally of Bleached Black, a band I've already dedicated a couple of entries to.  Crunchy, riff-addled guitar pop seizes the moment on this near-perfect bakers dozen, which happens to feature three British Invasion-era covers: The Creation's "How Does It Feel (to Feel)?, the Small Faces timeless "Itchycoo Park," and an obscure George Harrison penned track, "The Inner Light," which from my understanding was relegated to a Beatles b-side in 1968.

01. White Summer
02. Caitlin Cries
03. Misery
04. She Went Away
05. Nice Girls (Don't Explode)
06. You're Tearing Me Up
07. I Fell (For a Chance)
08. Bloodspill
09. How Does it Feel?
10. Seven Wonders
11. Nice Girls (Don't Explode)
12. The Inner Light (live)
13. Itchycoo Park (live)


The Salvager said...

Thank you so much! I have been looking for this one forever!

George said...

I just reissued this CD in it's original 1990 form..

Stathis said...

can you, please, repost this CD?
Thank you very much