Sunday, June 26, 2011

Singles Going Single #177 - Morning Glories "Tower" 7" (1994, Burnt Sienna)

New York's Morning Glories were one of dozens of '90s indie hopefuls to ink a record deal with Cargo Records, but by and large I overlooked them at the time.  Better late than never, and while I'm going to try to get to one of their full lengths before my follicles start sprouting grey hair, I'm confident this wax will tide you over.  Two servings of crunchy guitar rawk that move me in much the same way as first as the first Pond album did (which to this day I regard as one of the finest debuts of the '90s).  Super tight playing as well - these guys start and stop on a dime as if it was going out of style.  Loving this big time.

A. Tower
B. Average Crowd Pleaser


Josh said...

Liking this.

piratecyan said...

Greetings in your description you mentioned a band called Pond, know where I can listen or find them???

piratecyan said...

Found it here