Sunday, April 3, 2011

Various - Half-Assed 7" (1994, Kranepool/Shithouse Rat)

A few days ago, Shiny Grey Monotone blog shared the 1994 soundtrack to the indie flick Half-Cocked.  Not to be outdone, I was inspired to post this 7" comp, the cover of which is a picture-perfect mock of the sleeve for said soundtrack.  The rose-red motif is where the similarities end however, as Half-Assed wasn't for a movie at all, rather a showcase of six Albany, NY-area bands that were making a solid go of it at the time.  Most notable to me, and perhaps even you, is the inclusion of a non-lp, lo-fi Figgs nugget "1000 People Grinning," which incorporates a bit of a Merseybeat vibe. Catapult also appear to be on something of a 4-track kick here as well.  We also enjoy a tune from Dryer, a trio of co-ed indie popsters who I've spoken of highly on here before.   Don't have much to offer on Small Ax, although their contribution, "Holy Ways" definitely subscribes to Amphetamine Reptile aesthetics.  Beef made a name for themselves on the Albany club circuit back when this wax was churned out, but I'm not sure if you guess it from the sound of things here.  The Coal Palace Kings were No Depression acolytes to the nth degree, with several releases under their belt, and the swinging little country number, "Asskicker Theme," despite it's slightly pugnacious title, is as good a place as any to make your acquaintance.

01. Small Ax - Holy Ways
02. Beef - Papercup
03. Coal Palace Kings - Asskicker Theme
04. Catapult - Seasons Change
05. The Figgs - 1000 People Grinning
06. Dryer - Helicopter


Nick said...

beef wrote a song called "spavid story."

bglobe313 said...

Welcome back.

Billy L. said...

Any chance of a re-up of this thing? I've been trying to find it to buy and it just does not exist anymore. Thanks!

Koyott said...

Reup Please ! Thanks!