Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Revellaires - Pop of Ages (1990, Top)

For whatever the reason, I've been hoarding this one for a rainy day, and now that a thoroughly rainy day is upon us, here goes.  There was nothing particularly fancy about the mannerisms of The Revellaires, a D.C. area four piece whose guitar-pop fixation of choice gravitated in the direction of The Semantics and Gin Blossoms.  Indeed, they played the goes-down-easy card deftly and satisfactory to a T, dealing clean, lean aces like "Time Enough For Someday" and "Marlene."  Their toast to Buddy Love, and an unlisted reading of Elvis Presley's "Little Sister" employ an unmistakable pub rock stride, as well they should.  Per drummer Bill Kalish, Pop of Ages is "Twangy, crunchy, poppy, all the stuff you need."  And there you have it. 

01. Time Enough For Someday
02. Goodbye My Baby
03. Roll Down Betty
04. Calling All Nations
05. Faking It
06. Blind Side
07. I Really Didn't Mean It!
08. Buddy Love
09. Marlene
10. Come As You Are
11. Arbor Day
12. God and Everybody
13. Little Sister (unlisted)

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StlScrib said...

Good stuff, reminiscent of Foster & Lloyd crossed with the Long Ryders. Thanks.