Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spiral Jetty - Art's Sand Bar (1987, Incas)

Another fine Spiral Jetty album courtesy of Incas Records - the label that never put out an unsatisfactory release (at least the stuff I've heard anyway).  A couple of years ago I dedicated some space to their first full length, Tour of Homes, wherein I mentioned that SJ's jittery jangle was none-too-dissimilar to Garden State homies the Feelies.  Art's Sand Bar virtually doubles down on that pleasing aesthetic, while blending in some subtler maneuvers hinting this New Brunswick trio's approach was also predicated in the proto-punk of CBGBs luminaries Television, and to a lesser extent the Talking Heads.  Furthermore, the chugging "Suburban Optimism" features staccato-laden fretwork that would do the Minutemen proud, and "Little By Little" milks an infectiously jagged power chord for all it's worth.  So far as I'm concerned, Art's Sand Bar is an 18 karat bar of indie-pop gold. 

01. Big Downhill Racing
02. Giants
03. Keep It Alive
04. Bad Thoughts
05. Where the Sun Is
06. Hey Joe
07. Suburban Optimism
08. Exactly How She Feels
09. Little By Little
10. Pigs Alley
11. Familiar Streets
12. The Beat Goes On


Neilantman said...

Thanks...I loved this album..

Scaggsaway said...
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David said...

Awesome! Thank you for uploading this. "Tour of Homes" was great, and try as I might, I couldn't find "Art's Sand Bar" anywhere on the web. It's a shame more people aren't aware of Spiral Jetty; they deserve a compilation album at the very least.