Monday, October 29, 2012

The Demilos - Naked Brunch (1988, Chunk)

Some Massachusetts action for you on this stormy Monday night, courtesy of the co-ed, female fronted Demilos, a quartet that's managed to slip from the grasp of the wiry worldwide web.  A 1988 copyright date would explain that I suppose.  I'm picking up traces of everyone from Salem 66 to Vomit Launch, OH-OK, and Pylon, but in all likelihood these similarities could be coincidental.  Not blatantly post-punk, wave, etc, The Demilos nonetheless rub elbows with that tricky lot, only without the posturing and something resembling a DIY ethic.  The best Naked Brunch has to offer is the rhythmically strident "Misogyny" and just about anything occupying side two (tracks 5 thru 7).

01. Suntan Man
02. Fool's Paradise
03. Misogyny
04. Los Alamos
05. Drop Me a Line
06. Red Convertible
07. Pieces

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