Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Questions - "Work 'n' Play" 7" (1982, Respond)

Three boys from Edinburgh, Scotland dole out this rousing slice of funk-upped dance pop, recalling the work of contemporaries APB and Gang of Four circa Songs of the Free.  In fact, The Questions modus operandi as it applies to "Work 'n' Play was downright plagiaristic, but as evidenced by some of the other selections available for streaming on their Myspace page, this track was the exception to an otherwise streamlined forte, that if anything else affirmed their blatant Top 40 ambitions.  There were other Questions singles, but from the looks of it no full lengths.  Such a ubiquitous moniker makes researching their discography a considerable challenge.  As you might surmise, the flip "Work 'n' Play pt 2" is merely a remix.  Enjoy (or not).

A. Work 'n' Play
B. Work 'n' Play pt 2


gabbazoo said...

Here is a link to the listing for their full length:

Respond Records was Paul Weller's label

spavid said...

Great! Thanks Gabbazoo.