Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Screaming Believers - Communist Mutants From Space (1985, Greasy Pop)

I had heard of the The Screaming Believers for probably a good two decades or so, but was afraid to take the plunge until this platter came in my direction at a price I couldn't refuse.  Purported to be nothing more than cult figures, even in their native Australia, the Believers nonetheless stuck around for about ten years, even managing to release this title in the US (in slightly expanded form).  The punky thrust of "Don't Talk of Love" and "Slack Social Worker" suggest they could have torn it up with home-country brethren the Lime Spiders and Happy Hate Me Nots, but moderation is the name of the game for the bulk of Communist Mutants... an album offering several more examples of taut, edgy rock 'n roll.  Don't let the gratuitously frivolous title scare you away.  Incidentally, drummer Craig Rodda divided his time between the Believers and another Aussie cult fave, Exploding White Mice.  

01. Age of Uncertainty
02. Don't Talk of Love
03. Faith
04. Slack Social Worker
05. Parting Among Parties
06. M-16
07. Anytime
08. It's a Party
09. Baby No More
10. Age of Uncertainty


Beefheart Smiles said...

Great blog!

Can you check mine and see if you're interested in adding it to your list of friends?

I'll add yours!

Unknown said...

Good album. I still have it on cassette and haven't listened in quite some time. My version of this was on Big Time and I bought it based on that alone.

spavid said...

Beefheart, send me a link to your site if you could.

I'm pretty sure I saw this on cassette as well. They were too much of an unknown commodity at the time unfortunately.

MP said...

I can't believe how good this record is. I bought it on big time when it came out, and over 30 years later still get off on it.