Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parallel 5th ep (1984)

This strikingly clean-cut Ocean State quartet proved to be more left of center than I expected - and all the better.  Parallel 5th's somewhat irreverent spin on "new wave" tinkers with Devo's satirical ethos (minus the esoteric schtick), occasionally taking advantage of such accoutrements as saxophone...and harp (wtf?).  Furthermore, mouthpiece James McGrath possesses an alternating sung/spoken timbre that slots in the vicinity of Buddy Holly and Ric Ocasek.  Tongue in cheek, slice-of-life motifs populate the likes of "Snowbirds," and my favorite "The Vacation," which bears a succulent chorus hook that helps channel it's dystopian context into something truly memorable.  There are some surprisingly gentile ballad-esque pieces here to boot, namely "Foamy" and "Our Lady of the Half Shell," while "Rhode Island" is a heavy-handed ode to their home state.  A nice, crisp recording I might add, and the band is tighter than a ducks ass.  As a bonus, I've tacked on "Carrots and Peas," Parallel 5th's contribution to the Living Room compilation album. 

01. Snowbirds
02. Foamy
03. Rhode Island
04. The Vacation
05. Our Lady on the Half Shell
06. The Vacation (dance remix)
plus: Carrots and Peas



bglobe313 said...

This sounds intriguing from the description. Let's see how it sounds when I hear it! I have to remember not to forget to download this.

spavid said...

Magnetic checkers in the car...

Todd said...

I don't know if you'll look at this post again, but I wanted to share the official commercial for the album with anyone who does. http://youtu.be/XRFhTqG2Bm0

spavid said...

Just seeing your post now Todd! Too bad I missed out on that record/t-shirt bundle. Thanks!

80sMetalForever said...

I have the City History album and this is one of my fav tracks on it. Is he saying "dying industrial state?" lol

Unknown said...

I used to own this album and I loved it.I'm looking for another copy.
where can I get one?
In vinyl or digital format.

spavid said...

The link has been updated. Nice request!

Unknown said...

Thank you :)
this will bring back memories.

lolo said...

Hi again

Could you possibly re-up this one?

All the best