Saturday, January 16, 2016

Superscope - Generally Electric ep (1995, CItadel)

This quite possibly defunct Aussie export have something the vast majority of their Wilfully Obscure compatriots do not - a websiteSuperscope strutted their pop-sided, power chord-addled shtick in the environs of that noted musical hotbed of Perth, sticking it out long enough to track a pair of eps, and even a full length, Torpedo, by the time 2002 hit.  Generally Electric is the only item I've encountered by them, and I really hope that changes, because this trio could have easily held their own versus contemporary country-mates Pollyanna and Screamfeeder, not to mention Silver Sun a couple continents away.  Ain't a misstep in sight on this one, though the particularly high-strung slammer "Cow" stands out like a sore thumb.

01. Home + Away
02. Replacement
03. Windmill
04. Dead
05. Cow
06. Constipate


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