Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sleep Capsule - (1994)

In keeping with the theme I laid out with last night's Loveslug post, Sleep Capsule not only sounded like the product of the world's most infamous grunge outpost, they were actually residents thereof.  And like Loveslug, S/C had next-to-no affiliation with Sub Pop Records (save for a well-under-the-radar single in 1996)...but get a load of their 1994 debut, mousepuss.  Behold, salvo upon billowy salvo of distorto-punk sludge, like so much lava hurling from a volcano, yielding a scalding wad of obsidian, out-bludgeoning the Melvins or even Bleach-era Nirvana.  Sleep Capsule's m.o. wasn't unlike that of fellow Northwesterner's Unwound, albeit this power trio were operating on a warmer frequency.  In fact, the Cap's dissonance and loose song structures were not without tuneful shadings – the band’s saving grace, in fact.  I'm hearing frantic elements of Die Kreuzen on this record as well.  You can check out a trio of S/C singles that surrounded mousepuss (and their follow-up, Pink Eye) here with some additional observations that I didn't want to be redundant about in this piece.

01. minus
02. kevin's bacon best
03. the kind
04. crawlspace
05. toot
06. jeremy stick
07. eat it's tongue
08. something to ride
09. took
10. thousand trails
11. gray clouded theory
12. lump
13. mobility
14. hyenas
15. mousepuss

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