Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rolls Rock - s/t (1981, Caveat)

It took a little poking around but I finally came across a well maintained (actually, sealed) copy of the lone record from Rolls Rock a power-trio who rolled out of the northern California enclave of Eureka.  Opening up for the likes of Rick Springfield, Van Halen (wow!), Eddie Money and Loverboy, R/R weren't necessarily the straight up AOR types you might suspect.  Yes, they're hard rockers at heart, but you'll no doubt discern traces of nervy power pop a midst these ten numbers, especially on the biting "Peggye's on Qualudes," and "Jealousy," both of which indicate the first three Cheap Trick albums may have caught this band's collective ear...just try not to get too excited.  You can read an interview with former Rolls Rock bassist Rob Ruiz here, and you can stream "Get a Gun" on YouTube if you have any apprehensions before delving into the whole thing.

01. Gamma Rock
02. More Than You Know
03. Peggye's on Qualudes
04. Roulette World
05. Middle Class Man
06. Baby Beware
07. Drifter
08. Jealousy
09. More Than Ready
10. Get a Gun

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