Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Prodigys - Another Lazy Wednesday tape (1991)

Whether you're having a lazy Wednesday or not, what better day than hump day than to present this little morsel?  If this collegiate Erie, PA foursome was prodigious of anyone, Aztec Camera and Crowded House it would most palpably be, although The Prodigys had nothing on Roddy Frame or the brothers Finn.  In a nutshell, this is lilting guitar pop with jangly tendencies.  The band's homegrown wit and occasional candor managed to shine through the flannel era, if only on this cassette and within the confines of local clubs. 

01. Somewhere Over the Rhine
02. Princess of the Xerox
03. Tell Me
04. The Weathering Blues


joseph kyle said...

Not bad--if I were to compare them to anyone, I'd probably say they're trying to do what their fellow Pennsylvanians The Ocean Blue and Riverside did. They don't have the finesse of those bands, but this feels more like a demo, so i'll forgive 'em for that.

spavid said...

I was thinking Ocean Blue too, and even the Trash Can Sinatras. Pretty safe to say this was a demo.