Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dish - Mabel Sagittarius ep + 7" (1993)

This arresting little pop combo from Raleigh, NC caught me by surprise when they opened up for Superchunk at a 1993 gig in Albany, NY. Fronting the band was Dana Kletter, formally a member of the Blackgirls, whom to this day I still have to plead ignorant about. Let me be blunt. Kletter posses an amazing set of vocal chords, perfectly suited for any song she wraps them around. I'm sure Tori Amos comparisons have been leveled on more than one occasion, but I like to think of her in the same league as Jenny Toomey and Sarah Shannon.

Dish "piqued" in 1995 with the Interscope Records release of their sole full-length, Boneyard Beach, an album that failed to deliver on the promise of the Mabel Sagittarius ep and the single on Shakedown records that this post concerns. On these two short-form releases, Dish alternate between brisk piano and guitar songs, with a lucid syncopation coursing through all of them. Production by Mitch Easter meshed well with Dish's slightly left-of-center approach I might add. 
The fine two cut single on the British Shakedown label is more challenging, with the b-side "And Then" winning handily over it's flip-side, "Moving Day."

Mable Saggitarius ep (1994)
01. Temptation
02. Meteor Mom
03. Love's Philosophy
04. Leave Yourself Alone
05. Eyes Peeled
Shakedown Records 7" (1993)
A. Moving Day
B. And Then

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