Thursday, February 7, 2008

Singles Going Single #12 - Armchair Martian 7" (1995)

It's really hard to believe that this single is friggin 13 years old. Before I looked at the sleeve tonight, I had always thought this came out in '97 or later, but whatever. Commandeered by one Jon Snodgrass (who has gone on to greater notoriety with his alt-country project Drag the River) Fort Collin's Armchair Martian know how to dole out pummeling power chords with punk rock ferocity, not to mention gargantuan hooks. This is their debut single. It could be perfectly sandwiched between any given Husker Du and Jawbreaker 7," but with reasonable exposure, Armchair Martian should also be embraced by the Warped Tour set. This single was followed up by three exceptional albums and some eps, but most recently, the band issued a 30-song anthology in '07 dubbed, Good Guys...Bad Band on Suburban Home. Truly bitchin stuff. Dare I say a new album is coming?

A1. Barely Passing
A2. I'm Not Ready
B. Xenophobe (A Car)



Stathis said...


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