Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Replacements - Boink!! (the bootleg)

I've been waiting to upload this for a little while now, and with news regarding the upcoming Replacements reissues due this April (read about them here) I thought this would make a good appetizer. Since some of this material is going to be included as bonus tracks on the reissues, I'll will be leaving this up no later than March 31. For what it's worth, this is one of my favorite boots, Replacements or otherwise.

Boink!! was an official eight-cut mini album, released in Europe on Glass Records in 1986, containing material from the band's Twin Tone releases, and a phenomenal outtake, "Nowhere Is My Home." This bootleg, also of the same name (and sleeve) is a chronological, 72 minute smorgasbord of demos, b-sides, and outtakes. It makes for an excellent companion to their first five releases (Sorry Ma...through Tim). Among other songs, Boink!! includes a couple of choice Let It Be outtakes (namely "Who's Gonna Take Us Alive" and "Street Girl") that won't make it onto the reissue. Always a snag. The tracklist below provides all the source info. 
01-Careless (Alternate Version)
02-More Cigarettes (Alternate Version)
03-Otto (Alternate Version)
04-I Hate Music (Alternate Version)
05-Shutup (Alternate Version)
06-If Only You Were Lonely (B-Side Of "I'm In Trouble")
07-20th Century Boy (Let It Be Outtake)
08-Hey, Good Lookin' (Live 1983, B-Side Of "I Will Dare")
09-Sixteen Blue (Let It Be Outtake)
10-Who's Gonna Take Us Alive (Let It Be Outtake)
11-Temptation Eyes (Let It Be Outtake)
12-Street Girl (Version 1) (Let It Be Outtake)
13-Street Girl (Version 2) (Let It Be Outtake)
14-Seen Your Video (Let It Be Outtake)
15-Nowhere Is My Home (From British Boink) (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
16-Can't Hardly Wait (Electric) (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
17-Can't Hardly Wait (Acoustic) (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
18-Valentine (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
19-Birthday Girl (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
20-Bundle Up ("Jungle Rock") (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
21-Red Red Wine (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
22-PO Box (aka Empty As Your Heart) (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
23-Time Is Killing Us (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
24-IOU (May 86 - In Studio Of Dutch Radio Station VPRO)
25-Bastards Of Young (May 86 - In Studio Of Dutch Radio Station VPRO)

No longer shared.  Sorry.


evr said...

Got all excited about this and just as I was about to download I check my R shelf and there it is!

Man, I gotta get a grip!

One of the best bands I will ever see.

Great post!

Nazz Nomad said...

fukkin a!

bozo skeleton said...

I saw these guys in 1985 in Indianapolis at a tiny bar that had once been a little restaurant or something. The stage was only a couple of feet high and being right down in front, I had to brace myself with one foot against the stage to keep from getting shoved in to Paul, Bob or Tommy. Needless to say...awesome show!

bob said...

thank you x 10,000,000

spavid said...

Wow. The attention this has received has exceeded my wildest expectations. Seeing the Replacements in 1991 in Albany, NY was my FIRST concert, and still probably the best. Maybe Paul should consider making Boink!! an official release.

Scott Wy said...

I am selling the original pressing of Boink!!, Let It Be, Sorry Ma Forgot To Take Out The Trash, Tim, http://tinyurl.com/n9srpf

Tony said...

saw the 'mats at The Cat's Cradle location #2 on Franklin Street with Alex Chilton opening. I'm thinking late '86/early '87 or so? Chapel Hill, NC, people. Before the Gap took over Franklin St.

er, let's just say the boys were in their boozin' like a rock star era and proceeded to rip through 90 second versions of their favorite songs by other bands, like KISS.

I thought it was funny, but believe me that's a minority opinion. Also got to see Chilton hit on my then wife. LOL

Jacob said...

Hey man, I downloaded this then reupped it to mediafire and posted it on my blog! hope you don't mind, I can give you credit if you'd like. Also, I love your stuff so I added you to my blogroll :)

Cheers man great post!