Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ultimate Fakebook - This Will Be Laughing Week (1999, Noiseome)

Here’s a band that was truly in it for the tunes. I certainly can’t say that about everyone I’ve listened to, even the ones I’ve graced on this webpage.
Hailing from Manhattan (Kansas that is) Ultimate Fakebook could have easily been pigeonholed as pop-punk, but they came from a far different place than yammering juveniles like Sum 41 and Good Charlotte. This exemplary trio also wisely avoided being circulated into the ersatz emo clusterfuck that was just about to break nationally.

Unfortunately, as high caliber as they were, Ultimate Fakebook never did break nationally, despite a short-lived stint on Sony Records in 2000/01. This Will Be Laughing Week, the band’s second and by far finest album was originally released on the Lawrence, KS-based Noiseome Records in 1999. When UFB were scooped up a year later by the bigwigs, the lp was retooled with slightly altered and/or remixed versions of all tracks. I am preferable to the original Noiseome version of TWBLW, and that’s what I’ve posted. There’s a bittersweet, underdog vibe that imbues this album in a way that’s indigenous to UFB, and a dizzying array of killer hooks is their not-so-secret weapon. In fact, even the most cursory listen to “Little Apple Girl,” and “Soaked in Cinnamon,” will you make an instant fanatic.

UFB capped off their lil’ career off with a third album in 2002, Open Up and Say Awesome, followed up with the Before We Spark ep a year later. Needless to say, given today's musical climate, they’re achingly missed.

01-She Don't Even Know My Name
02-Tell Me What You Want (I'll Be Anything)
03-Of Course We Will
04-Brokÿn Nëedle
05-A Million Hearts
06-Soaked in Cinnamon
07-This Will Be Laughing Week
08-Little Apple Girl
09-I'm All Out of It Now
10-Glitter & Glue
11-Real Drums
12-Perfect Hair

Are you ready to rock, it's not a question baby...

This can now be found on iTunes, Emusic, and Amazon.


Wallis said...

i bought this album for three dollars from a shitty record store in warwick, rhode island when i was 16 years old. i had just been offered a modeling contract and was aghast at the world. everything about these tunes was just perfect. thank you for reminding me this album exists.

kustomboy said...

If you like Ultimate Fakebook you should check out Schatzi.

spavid said...

I like Schatzi a lot. By any chance do you have "Joanie Loves Schatzi?"

GIMETZCO! said...

i think it would be appropriate to upload BEFORE WE SPARK too...since that seems quite obscure...i knew these guys back in the day while they were touring, they were a great band and are sorely missed.

bit188 said...

Sorry if it seems off-topic, but I'm looking for "Exclusively Talentmaker!" by Optiganally Yours. You seem like you've got some pretty obscure stuff going here (yay for The Sugarplastic!), so I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

kustomboy said...

I do have "Joanie Loves Schatzi"!

spavid said...


Is there anything I can do to persuade you to make me a copy of Joanie Loves Schatzi? Would love to hear it.

Sean Piccoli said...

I saw them once at a club in Broward County FL based on ' ... Laughing Week' and you got them exactly right - grouped into punkpopemo without enough thought to how much more than that they had going on. One of the better reviews at the time said they were Cheap Trick meets Guided By Voices. Thanks for the excellent reconsideration.

Jimy said...

nice post