Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gary Myrick and the Figures - Living In a Movie (1981)

This is the follow-up album to Gary Myrick & the Figures eponymous debut from 1980. As you may know, that album spawned a minor new wave/power-pop hit in the form of “She Talks In Stereo,” still considered a classic in some small circles. As for Living In a Movie? Well, don’t judge a book by it’s cover…even if it’s cover seemingly suggests that Epic went full speed ahead and marketed Myrick as the next Rick Springfield. Hardly the case. Movie is a darker, heavier album than it’s predecessor, and depending how much you read into it, this is arguably a “concept” record. At any rate, this is his last album with The Figures. You can read more about his career here. In 1994, “She Talks In Stereo” was included on the very belated Valley Girl soundtrack, thus reviving his prominence, if only temporarily.

01. I'm Not a Number
02. Penetrate My Heart
03. Romance
04. Died on Television
05. No Violence
06. Living In a Movie
07. Madam B
08. Tattooed On My Forehead
09. My Girl (It's Simple)
10. Speak Up Now
11. No Crisis
12. Promises, Promises

Update: This was recently reissued on CD. Get it from Amazon, or directly from the label that put it out, Wounded Bird Records. iTunes also has it.


Conspiracy Theologian said...

Thanks for posting this hard to find album!


Side3 said...

An additional claim to fame for Myrick: he was a member of the band Havava 3AM along with ex-Clash bassist Paul Simonon.


harleytexas said...

do you have any of his other albums???

spavid said...

I have his first album with the Figures which I can upload sometime in the near future.