Monday, February 4, 2008

Singles Going Single #11 - The Nubs 7" (Businessman, 1980)

I really can't think of any other band that should be more iconicized for releasing a classic punk single than San Francisco's Nubs. I was introduced to them not via this single, but rather another single, New Bomb Turks "Stick It Out" 7" on Fat Records in '96, which included a cover of the Nubs' "Job" as a b-side. So fascinated was I by this slice of semi-narrative, anthem of defiance, I tracked down the original Nubs' single shortly thereafter for $10 from a private collector.

Fueled by a blistering guitar-line, the song's pro/antagonist not only denounces employment wholesale, but money to boot. Finally, to further demonstrate his anti-materialistic leanings, our man torches his car at song's end. Now that is punk. As for the b-side, "Little Billy's Burning," I won't give away the story, but it's almost as misanthropically fun as "Job."

I have no clue as to what quantity this record was pressed in 1980, but since it's such a highly sought collectible, it must have been a relatively small printing. The single was reissued, so to speak in 2003 as part of a self-titled Nubs CD, which also included 13 newly recorded songs from a reunited Nubs as a bonus. No longer available, the CD itself is ostensibly sought after as well.

Due to a series of recent unforseen expenses, I have been forced to put my Nubs single on the market. You can go here if you are interested (hint, hint). Please don't hate the oportunist in me! Breaks my heart to see it go, but I at least have a virtual version of it...and now you as well.

A. Job
B. Little Billy's Burning


Michael said...

Thanks for posting this. The last few weeks, I've listened to this many times. It's so much fun.

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

can you reup this classic please ?

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

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