Saturday, February 2, 2008

Singles Going Single #10 - The Moons (Broken, 1997)

Yet another uno-single wonder that also made it onto the imitable Broken Rekids label during the '90s. The Bay Area-based Moons, featured in their lineup one Mr. Adam Pfahler, formally of Jawbreaker, on drums, but that's where the conicidences between these two bands start and end.

No intense, angst-ridden punk here my friend, merely two slices of blissful, indie-guitar pop. On the leisurley, but reflective traipse of "Stolen Days," K.C. Staubach's delivery exudes Noel Gallagher, just as much as Elliott Smith, resulting in a sublime 191 seconds. "Step Back," revels in a comparatively vigorous motif, with it's guitar-work more notably prominent than it's flipside.

More can be discovered about the Moons
here, including songs that never made their way onto this wax.

A. Stolen Days
B. Step Back

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