Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gone Daddy Finch 7" (1995, Off White)

Yet another in a long line of indie rock cold cases.  My understanding is that this power trio hailed from holy Toledo, Ohio.  Much like Trunk whom I introduced you to a couple days ago, Gone Daddy Finch had a bit of a Replacements jones as well, evidenced by the scalding, guitarsy A-side, "Sunshine Sister," wielding a monstrous hook that grabs you from the word go.  A perfect ten that makes it's point in 180 loud, glorious seconds.  The comparatively chill flip, "Postcard," as the adage goes, a horse of a different color, not that I'm complaining. Their Discogs page reveals GDF had a robust catalog, though much of it was relegated to limited cd-r release.

A. Sunshine Sister
B. Postcard