Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trunk - La-ugh (1990, Waarner Sisters)

This is one of many albums in my collection, but what makes it relatively unique is that I don't know how it arrived there.  You know what else I don't know?  I don't know why Trunk went to the effort of hyphenating their record's one syllable title.  La-ugh?  I suppose they were digging deep for an idiosyncrasy.  The deets on this sloppy San Francisco treat are nil, and their shtick is/was maddeningly inconsistent.  Trunk seemed to plunder a few cues from the SST Records stable (Meat Puppets come to mind, and to a far lesser extent The Minutemen).  This trio are at the top of their game on "Sunbake," which finds them weaving in and out of Twin/Tone-era Replacements mode.  Too bad they couldn't sustain that motif for the song's five and a half minute duration.  There's a couple of keepers on side two as well - "Bump" and "Caroliner Squeegy" loosely clinging to the ramshackle tunefulness that was prevalent among their Homestead Records contemporaries Squirrel Bait and Great Plains.  A second album, Racket, arrived in 1992, and I'd be interested in getting my hands on it.  If anyone in the band sees this do get in touch.

01. Firetruck Surgery
02. Kiss the Wall
03. Sunbake
04. Moss
05. Bump
06. Caroliner Squeegy
07. Aluminum
08. Library Card
09. Uncle Love



Harold Raisin III said...

This is a favorite. I think I mail ordered it from my local record store based on a review I read in Option. The review was probably similar to your description - I had a thing for SST then. I hear fIREHOSE crossed with Mission of Burma in the lyrics and sound. But they still had their own jammy vibe. I would love to hear other records by them.

Ryan said...

this is surprisingly good

Kráfica said...

sadly the link is broken....:(

Kráfica said...
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Unknown said...

Any chance of a re-up? Thanks.