Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Water Walk - s/t (1987)

A three piece from Vancouver, BC, The Water Walk were a not oft spoken of combo who mastered a penchant for strummy guitar pop on their debut album.  Signposts point distinctly to the likes of Aztec Camera, and fellow countrymen Grapes of Wrath.  The Walk's seemingly effortless aplomb on goes-down-easy salvos "Anyways" and "Colours in the Day" foreshadowed what the Ocean Blue and Riverside would have in store a couple years later.  A video for the concluding track, "Turn Your Face Away" can be viewed here, and typically it's my least preferable song on an otherwise stimulating record.

01. Anyways
02. Houses in Between
03. Colours in the Day
04. Oh, so a Charmed Life
05. Can't Fly
06. Nothing Ever Came of It
07. Working Title
08. Seven Statues
09. Far Fields
10. Turn Your Face Away

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